Become a smart researcher using

external image saf.jpgSafari: Preloaded on all Devices

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Inspiration: (Free or $9.99 for iPad)

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1. Find your website on Safari by using at least 3 keywords. I am going to do a search on wading birds in New Zealand.

So the key words are 'bird native wading' and I will add New Zealand as well

2. Open an Inspiration Graphic Organiser

Create your mindmap

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3. Go to the internet site you have chosen, type in once of the keywords from questions in mindmap like 'eats'

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4. The word eat did not appear on my page so I used a synonym such as feed, click the next button to see each instance of the word 'feed' until you see a sentence that will answer your question

external image waders.jpg

Tap and highlight the text that answers your question and tap Copy

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5. Go back to your mindmap tap and hold and tap Paste

6. Go between the Internet site and the mindmap adding information

8. Don't forget to reference where information and picture came from

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