Artrage in one of my most favourite art drawing programmes on both the iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch and the computer, and it was created by Kiwis!

external image Screen+Shot+2012-08-13+at+10.17.36+AM.pngArt Rage for the iPhone/iPod Touch (NZ $2.59)

Account: No account necessary for apps

Saving: Saves to the app

Sharing options: Send to Photos, iTunes, email, Facebook, Dropbox or Print

external image Screen+Shot+2012-08-13+at+10.17.36+AM.png

Artrage for the iPad (NZ $4.19)

external image IMG_0349.PNG

Artrage has a variety of tools, different types of brushes.

The wide brush adds real thick paint effects and the thin brush paints like water colour.

As well

as using Artrage for the obvious, painting and drawing, there is nice feature that is included in the Computer Artrage as well.

external image IMG_0350.PNG

You can upload a photo so it appears transparent and draw over the top.

The example below shows the pencil with the photo in the background, to the right without the photo.

external image IMG_0351.jpg



To the right is an example of the other tools

How could you use this in the classroom?

Students can take photos with their camera and upload to Artrage.

  • Take portrait photos and use the pencil or pen tool to outline the shapes, remove the photo and print out and finish in pencil or pen

  • take scenery or object photos, use the pen tool to outline main lines of the photo, remove photo and print out, finish off in paint